LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe Review

The LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe is one of the more secure and sturdy gun safes available on the market. Store up to 2 guns plus accessories and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your hands gun are secured away, but in reach.

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The LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe has been available for purchase in various online and retail stores since August 2011.

The LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe is an ideal safe for someone that wants to do a little bit more than just keep their handguns out of reach but really keep them safe. Are you looking to safely secure 1 or 2 handguns? Keep reading, because you will like what the LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe has to offer.

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  • Very Secure
  • Fast access
  • Not fire proof
  • Not water proof

The LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe is a sturdy gun safe made almost entirely of solid steel. The exterior dimensions of the safe read 14 x 10.2 x 4.6 inches and without any contents inside it the safe weighs 22 pounds. This gives you enough internal storage to safely store 2 hand guns with extra clips and ammo. Obviously you can also store general valuables such as cash, jewelry, watches, documents and small electronics. The LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe opens from the top with a solid steel door with the hinges at the back. The door locks in place with an electronic lock that opens with a fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner is ideal for getting into your safe quickly in the event of an emergency. No need to remember a combo or fumble with tiny keys under stress, you and your family's life could depend on it.

The fingerprint scanner can remember up to 10 fingerprints and LockSafe recommends you save more than one angle of each finger. By doing so it ensures that the safe will recognize your fingerprint when time is of importance. The keypad uses a 9v battery and the safe comes with a emergency override key to get inside if the batteries run out. Obviously keep the key far from the safe! Another smart thing to do is to wipe down the fingerprint scanner with a cloth after opening it, prevents people from using "Myth buster" tricks. The interior of the LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe features soft foamy material to protect your handguns from getting scratched. By removing this soft material you can increase the interior space, ideal if just plan on storing general valuables. The exterior of the safe also features 4 pre-drilled holes so you can mount the safe in your drawer or closet. Securing the safe in place with bolts ensures a burglar doesn't run off with it!

All in all the LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe is a great and very secure safe for your handguns. The fingerprint scanner is a huge advantage to have in your gun safe because it grants you fast access to your guns. You never know when you might need to get at them fast and you also do not want to leave them lying around. The LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe is the perfect solution!

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In the past I was not a stickler for security but ever since I was a victim of theft I became interested in protecting my valuables. Since then I have spend a lot of time researching the options that are available and what kind of security the offer. I also enjoy collection firearms and you do not, however, need to tell me twice about gun safety! Keep your guns out of reach of those who do not know how to use them, lives depend on it! Daniel Harris+

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