SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Combination Fire-Safe Review

The SentrySafe Combination Fire Safe is a high quality cabinet safe built with the strong standards of SentrySafe. Top notch security and safety for your common valuables from burglars, fire and water.

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The SentrySafe Combination Fire-Safe has been available for purchase in various online and retail stores since November 2011.

The SentrySafe Combination Fire-Safe is a great safe for the average persons valuables. Anyone looking specifically for a fridge that is also both water and fire resistance will enjoy reading what the SentrySafe Combination Fire-Safe has to offer.

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  • Pry resistant hinge
  • Key + combination lock
  • Subject to interior moisture
  • Bolt down results in loss of water resistant ability

The SentrySafe Combination Fire-Safe is a sturdy and heavy safe with dimensions of 17.8 by 16.3 by 19.3 inches on the exterior and 13.8 by 12.6 by 11.9 on the interior and weighs 101 pounds. The safe itself is hard to grip with the exterior being quite slippery. For the storing and securing of regular items such as documents, jewelry, watches, cash, handguns and small electronics the 1.23 cubic feet of room is more than enough. The basics of a safe are the bolts that lock the door in place and the SentrySafe Combination Fire-Safe features four 1 inch steel bolts which are all around 60% larger than standard bolts sported by more traditional safes. Moreover, a pry-resistant hinge and the lack of leverage make the safe secure being opened with force. The SentrySafe Combination Fire-Safe locks and opens using both a key and a combination for the dual-combination lock. The combination can not be changed by the user, so hold on to the manual. All these features give peace of midn and makes it impossible for any burglar to get at your variables and the weight and build of the safe prevent him from easily running of with it. For extra security the safe features additional bolts which can be used to secure the safe to the floor. If you decide to bolt the safe down, be aware that the safe loses its water resistance because you need to drill holes.

The SentrySafe Combination Fire-Safe does not only protect your valuables from burglars, but from fire and water damage as well. These features have been extensively tested by both Underwriter Laboratories and Edison Testing Laboratories in order to ensure the validity of the security. The safe can endure up to 1 hour of fire damage and can remain submersed in 8 inches of water for 24 hours without any water damage to the valuables on the inside. Lastly, they also tested the safe by dropping it from a height of 15 feet which neither unlocked the safe nor damaged the valuables on the inside. One downside of the water seal, however, is that it can case moisture to form in the safe because of condensation. Either airing it out from time to time or placing some anti moisture bags in the safe is advised. Lastly, the interior set up of the SentrySafe Combination Fire-Safe is very useful and allows you to maximize the available space. A shelf splits the safe and can be readjusted to allow objects of varying sizes, removing the shelf entirely allows storage of bulkier items, such as laptops. The safe door also features additional storage space for small items. It features a key rack and tray to store items such as watches and jewelry as well as a pocket to store small items. Besides the safe, the box that the SentrySafe Combination Fire-Safe comes in includes your warrenty information and user manual. Hold on to both, especially the user manual because it lists the combination which can not be changed by the user.

I can highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality safe that will protect their valuables from not only burglars, but fire and water damage as well. Moreover, SentrySafe is a well established brand and they have been active in the safe market for over 80 years.

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In the past I was not a stickler for security but ever since I was a victim of theft I became interested in protecting my valuables. Since then I have spend a lot of time researching the options that are available and what kind of security the offer. I also enjoy collection firearms and you do not, however, need to tell me twice about gun safety! Keep your guns out of reach of those who do not know how to use them, lives depend on it! Daniel Harris+

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