Stack-On GCB-8RTA Security Plus 8-Gun Ready to Assemble Storage Cabinet Review

The Stack-On 8-Gun Storage Cabinet is an afordable and secure way to put some distance between your firearms and your children. Large enough to store 8 shotguns and or rifles, the Stack-On 8-Gun Storage Cabinet is a solid option.

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The Stack-On 8-Gun Storage Cabinet has been available for purchase in various online and retail stores since December 2010.

The Stack-On 8-Gun Storage Cabinet was specifically designed for people looking to keep a selection of rifles and shotguns behind a lock. If you are looking for an affordable way to keep your large guns out of reach of children the Stack-On 8-Gun Storage Cabinet is ideal.

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  • Easy to mount, required hardware included
  • 3 point locking system
  • Determined burglar will get in
  • Requires assembly

The Stack-On 8-Gun Storage Cabinet is a strong, made entirely of steel, safe with a 3 point locking system, double bitted and key coded lock. The exterior dimensions of the safe read 53''H x 17''W x 11''D making it large enough to securely fit 8 shotguns and or rifles up to 52" in length. A small cabinet near the top of the safe, separated by a shelf, allows you to store, for example, additional ammunition and clips or a small handgun. The top shelf is removable as well in order to store larger guns. The Stack-On 8-Gun Storage Cabinet does not come ready to use and does require assembly but the assembly is easy and should take no more than 15 minutes. The safe is officially a California approved firearms safety device that meets the requirements of California Penal Code Section 12088 and the regulations issued there under to ensure the quality of the product. The safe is mainly designed, however, to keep guns out of reach meaning that a determined burglar with a crowbar and enough time could be able to get in. The actual casing of the safe is sturdy but also quite thin, making it more of a gun locker.

The interior of the safe is fitted with foam to allow safe storage of your guns. Foamy material covers the bottom of the safe as well as the barrel rests to ensure no scratches or other damage to your guns. Stack On also included their patented barrel standoffs to secure guns with scopes safely and without scratches as well. For a measure of extra securty the Stack-On 8-Gun Storage Cabinet features pre drilled holes to secure the safe to a wall or floor. A great way to prevent a burglar from running off with the safe altogether! For extra convenience, the required hardware in order to mount the safe is included in the box. Mounting your Stack-On 8-Gun Storage Cabinet is done in a matter of time.

I can highly recommend the Stack-On 8-Gun Storage Cabinet to anyone looking for an affordable way to keep their guns safe. It is our right as Americans to arm ourselves how we see fit but that means it is also our responsibility to ensure no unnecessary harm is caused by them. The Stack-On 8-Gun Storage Cabinet is roomy, secure and affordable making it a great choice. Especially people just looking to keep their rifles and or shotguns away from their kids will be more than happy with the Stack-On 8-Gun Storage Cabinet.

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In the past I was not a stickler for security but ever since I was a victim of theft I became interested in protecting my valuables. Since then I have spend a lot of time researching the options that are available and what kind of security the offer. I also enjoy collection firearms and you do not, however, need to tell me twice about gun safety! Keep your guns out of reach of those who do not know how to use them, lives depend on it! Daniel Harris+

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